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BioWings project activities and advancements have been officially reviewed by the European Commission in Brussels, on June 25th

In June 2019, BioWings reached month 12 since the beginning of the venture. The time was good to make an assessment of the advancements that have been achieved and share them with the European Commission.

The Review Meeting, which was held in Brussels (Belgium) was the occasion to showcase before the consortium, the officer and the reviewers of the European Commission, the activities carried out by each of the partners involved in the project.

DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, is the coordinator of the BioWings project.

The other partners who attended the meeting were: Day One (Italy), Weizman Institute of Science (Israel), Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Lund University (Sweden) and AcouSort (Sweden).

Project is on track.
Great collaboration between all partners.

In general, BioWings showed significant progress in the quality and complexity, which was also highlighted by EC officers at the end of the meeting.

The first day of the gathering was used by the consortium to carry out an internal update on the various Work Packages; a subsequent meeting, after the one held in Rome in May 2019.

Some very complex solutions are already available and the technical partners are now at work to integrate them into the products (taking into account that BioWings is just 12-month life project).

Current work consists also in the material design, measure the coefficient for electromechanical and better understand the use of biocompatible materials.

The M12 Meeting Review was also a good opportunity for the partners to discuss with the officer and the reviewers of the European Commission about the IPR strategy, about the Exploitation Plan and how to demonstrate future investors revenues.

Project dissemination: the video-blogging strategy.

The EC officers had therefore the opportunity to see the dissemination plan of the project and the video-blogging strategy that will be implemented on the official YouTube channel of the project.