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July 2019

Let's discover AcouSort ACOUSTOFLUIDICS RESEARCH: sounds good! AcouSort is a spin-off company from the acoustofluidics research at Lund University (LU), bringing the new inventions to our customers in research labs and hospitals around the world. In brief, we use ultrasound to separate, wash and enrich cells and other particles from biological samples such as blood. AcouSort's products Our first product, AcouTrap, is an acoustic trap mounted as the tip of a pipetting robot. It

Different innovation players, united for a common goal: create a new paradigm of biomedical materials. This is the BioWings Project   Discover how in this video and follow our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6sJpSd4APg  

BioWings project activities and advancements have been officially reviewed by the European Commission in Brussels, on June 25th In June 2019, BioWings reached month 12 since the beginning of the venture. The time was good to make an assessment of the advancements that have been achieved and share them with the European Commission. The Review Meeting, which was held in Brussels (Belgium) was the occasion to showcase before the consortium, the officer