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AcouSort – moving cells with sound

Let’s discover AcouSort


AcouSort is a spin-off company from the acoustofluidics research at Lund University (LU), bringing the new inventions to our customers in research labs and hospitals around the world. In brief, we use ultrasound to separate, wash and enrich cells and other particles from biological samples such as blood.

AcouSort’s products

Our first product, AcouTrap, is an acoustic trap mounted as the tip of a pipetting robot. It uses ultrasound to trap, enrich and automate assays of cells, bacteria and extracellular vesicles such as microvesicles and exosomes, replacing tedious manual centrifugation steps.
Our second product, AcouWash, separates, washes, enriches and resuspends cells using acoustophoresis. It is a gentle, automated alternative to centrifugation of sensitive or rare cells.
Our third product will be an OEM acoustophoresis separation unit, AcouPlasma, primarily for separation of plasma from blood for integration into our customer’s diagnostic instruments. We are also developing customized solutions together with several major life science companies, such as Instrumentation Laboratory, for implementation in their next-generation instruments.

AcouSort’s role in BioWings 

AcouSort’s role in the BioWings project is to found the development of new transducer materials in our experience of our customers’ needs and to test how the new transducer materials developed in the project can be used for biomedical applications.

AcouSort is designing acoustofluidic chips for testing of the new transducer materials based on simulations from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The chips will then be tested for biomedical applications at LU. We hope that this will lead to new applications and environmentally friendly transducer materials for our products and customized solutions!