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Highlights of BioWings Status Meeting – June 2021

The aim of the meeting: to give a description of the current status of BioWings

With only twelve months to go before the end of the project, the BioWings Status Meeting represented an important moment for BioWings partners to share the progress of each of the Work Packages.
BioWings’s Status Meeting took place last June 22th via Zoom (online meeting) due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

Meeting scope: The aim of the meeting is to give a brief description of the current status of the project, but most importantly to define a plan and a list of actions at WP level to implement ceria into devices and models.
About the TOPICS we discussed during the Meeting, in the morning partners described the overall status of the project and provided an outline of the main dissemination and communication activities towards the end of the project.
The following focus was on describing the last set of actions planned for the modeling of ceria ES as
a membrane and as the high-frequency resonator. The goal was to summarise the latest work performed in the WP and the plan for the next activities, including plans for publications.

The Meeting was also a good opportunity to describe the latest development and to discuss about some ideas on Si substrates to be tested by Lund. The configuration (design and geometries) of the substrate
should was discussed between the partners.

All partners described the plan for the deliverables and milestones until the end of the project.