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BioWings and the Dissemination experience at the Meet In Italy 2021

BioWings at the Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021

The report of this European-dissemination event for the BioWings project, that counts nearly 500 attendees.

The Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 was held in Genova from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2021, at Magazzini del Cotone. One of the most important matchmaking and update event on Life Sciences in Europe. This event brought together more than 500 participants from various stakeholders including universities, industries, research centers, startups, etc.
It was a great opportunity to spread information and raise awareness not only about BioWings, but also about all the FET LaunchPad projects that were born from BioWings.

The partnership as sponsor and exhibitor

BioWings has been “bronze sponsor” of the event and had the opportunity to set up a stand completely dedicated to the project, inside the main pavilion of the event.

For all three days of the event, Gianluca Giordani and Stefano Stefanelli from Day One – the Italian Startup Studio in charge of Dissemination and Exploitation for BioWIngs – provided information about the project and the Consortium, distributed promotional materials and collected feedback about the project. Furthermore, many of the people who visited the BioWings stand also agreed to provide their email (for the BioWings newsletter) and personal contacts for possible future collaborations.

For this occasion, a roll-up banner was also created in order to create a professional, creative and eye-catching presence for BioWings and deliver information in a synthetic way through the right mix of graphic and textual elements.
The brochures and the bookmarks that had been designed in previous years of BioWings were distributed as promotional material in order to expand the project’s visibility, reaching out to new stakeholders and provide positive press about the Consortium.

The dissemination workshop

The BioWings participation at the Meet in Italy 2021 also included a presentation of the activities on the development of the project tasks and the exploitation of the results with the workshop: “The BioWings FET-project and a new vision of the Technology Transfer process: how to identify the best market application for a new technology”.

The first presenter was Dott. Gianluca Giordani – Marketing and Dissemination Manager at Day One – who gave a thorough overview about the vision of the BioWings project and drew attention to the crucial role of each partner in developing the tasks and in gathering stakeholders to foster future BioWings developments.
Following his presentation Dott. Stefano Stefanelli – Innovation Manager at Day One – spoke about the BioWings project’s key objectives of exploitation, with a focus on the FET LaunchPad project coming from BioWings:


In particular, PRISMA  was detailed presented, underlining the path of User-Centered Design and the Venture Building of the project and the disruptive innovation potential compared to the state of the art. The Q&A session hosted a lively discussion on the presented information, as well as expressions of interest for more in-depth training on the presented topics.
The dissemination workshop ended with information about all the Open Access papers on the BioWings website.

Matchmaking B2B

During the weeks leading up to the Meet In Italy 2021, there were numerous requests of Matchmaking B2B from stakeholders (at various levels) interested in learning more about the developments of the project.
Gianluca Giordani and Stefano Stefanelli have also carried out this activity, which therefore becomes a significant opportunity for discussion on an idea to be developed or a problem to be solved, as well as an opportunity to expand the network of relationships for BioWings.