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FET Innovation Launchpad initiatives

A new chance to transform project results into concrete market opportunities

Several business cases were analysed within the BioWings project, some of which really promising in terms of potential post-project exploitation of the know-how generated during the project journey.

As pointed out on the European Commission’s website, “the FET Innovation LaunchPad is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and it supports the transitions of innovative ideas funded under the same programme. The FET Innovation LaunchPad encourages activities such as defining a commercialisation process, market and competitiveness analysis, technology assessment, verification of innovation potential, consolidation of intellectual property rights, business case development. Proposals can include activities with, for instance, partners for technology transfer, license-takers, investors and other sources of financing, societal organisations or potential end-users”.

In this article we want to give space to a project that emerged from the collaboration between the partners within BioWings: Digitus.

Digitus: New fingerprint sensor technology

The EU-funded Digitus project proposes an innovative technology for a fingerprint sensor based on ultrasound. The technology allows fingerprint scanning through a surface providing reliability and permitting the integration of the sensor on any device.

It referred to the application of a piezoelectric thin film developed within the BioWings project for the development of an ultrasonic fingerprint detection sensor.

Besides, the technology has the possibility to be integrated under many different materials such as glass, polymers and even some metals.