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Voices from the Future | Celebrate the past 30 years of FET

The FETFX team published “Voices from the Future”.

A booklet to celebrate the past 30 years of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme and its future as Pathfinder for Advanced Research in the European Innovation Council (EIC).

“For 30 years, the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme encouraged the European research and innovation community to establish and consolidate the most promising next-generation technologies of the future. The programme evolved and was a seed to what we now know as the European Innovation Council (EIC) and its Pathfinder for Advanced Research. It envisaged its main elements as drivers for Europe’s future economic well-being, prosperity, and competitiveness.

The FETFX team has recently released a booklet which acts as a time capsule for readers to go over and look back at the success stories and the influence of the FET programme in terms of policy, innovation, technological trends and careers”.

This booklet is a tribute to researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and research administrators that have prepared this path over several decades.