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Lund University

The acoustofluidics research group at Lund university Swedish Centre for Acoustofluidics and Cell Separation involves about 35 researchers covering fundamental acoustophysical modelling, experimental acoustophysics, microfluidics, basic chip design and acoustophoresis systems construction and bioanalytical and medical applications. Half of the team is from the engineering community and the other half are life science and medical researchers. The research consortium has two main lab locations. Basic engineering and physics is conducted at the department of Biomedical Engineering at the engineering faculty, and all wet biology and medical work is performed at the Biomedical Centre. The medical PIs in the research consortium work independently on the medical applications of acoustofluidics but get continuous support and training from the engineering team on the most recent acoustofluidics platforms.

Role in the project

The Lund University will mainly contribute by preparing the Ce-ES MEMS technology transfer to the biomedical environment and evaluation in a clinical setting. Due to the interdisciplinary competence profile and facilities within the research environment, the university will supply the medical competences and samples from the regional hospital of southern Sweden for acoustofluidic platform testing of blood, plasma separation in rapid sepsis diagnostics and point of care hematocrit determination.

Key staff involved in the project

Thomas Laurell

Andreas Lenshof