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Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

DTU is the Technical University of Denmark and has approximately 4900 employees, of which 230 work at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage (http://www.ecs.dtu.dk/english). The research activities at DTU Energy Conversion focus on development of energy technologies and systems and contribute to innovation, education and policy. DTU has large experimental facilities and interdisciplinary research environments.

DTU participates with the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, which carries out research and development on functional materials for energy technologies, and the Department of Physics, which provides with its 180 employees a vibrant research environment for theoretical physics within biophysics and fluids, condensed matter physics, catalysis, plasma physics, neutron/X-ray physics, and quantum optics.

Role in the project

Besides coordinating the project Consortium, the activities of DTU cover the most important aspects of thin film synthesis and characterization, and the theoretical understanding and numerical modeling of acoustic handling of bioparticles and the design of optimal acoustofluidic bioMEMS devices.

Key staff involved in the project

Nini Pryds (project coordinator)

Vincenzo Esposito

Henrik Bruus