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AcouSort AB was founded in 2010 as a spin-out from Lund University (LU) with the objective to commercialize acoustofluidic technology developed in the Laurell group. Since then AcouSort has performed consulting and delivered feasibility studies to a number of the main life science companies. These projects have also funded internal product development and in 2015 the first AcouTrap platforms were sold. This platform integrates an acoustic trap into a pipetting robot, enabling capture and enrichment of cells and subcellular particles from small volumes. AcouSort has in 2017 become a public company and is currently developing a second product, the AcouWash platform for acoustofluidic cell washing, enrichment and separation, as well as performing joint development with several major international life science companies.

Role in the project

AcouSort’s role within the project is to connect the project to current needs for environmentally friendly transducer needs in the life science industry, based on AcouSort’s contacts with customers and development partners, design acoustofluidic chips for proof-of-principle and demonstration of diagnostic applications, test the ES-actuator material in acoustofluidics applications, and spot opportunities for IP and commercialization and provide a route for industrial implementation of the project results.

Key staff involved in the project

Torsten Freltoft

Pelle Ohlsson