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SCIENTIFIC DISSEMINATION AND COMMUNICATION. HOW TO COMMUNICATE THE FUTURE It is very important for scientists and innovators to acquire the ability to communicate with all levels of the stakeholders. Every day researchers in universities and scientists in private companies perform research activities that can have several implications on the environment, society and people's daily life. Nevertheless, at the same time, only a few people really know what’s new in research and innovation context; moreover, the information arrives

 FETFX: the innovative  communication for FET Projects Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) are key ingredients in modelling the science and the future! Europe knows it. And has set up FETFX, an important funding programme for scientists who are keen to turn ideas into innovation, the future into now. FETFX is a project funded by the HORIZON 2020 FET-Open Programme. The strategic objective of the “FETFX - Stimulating effects in Future and Emerging Technologies through

THE DISSEMINATION OF BIOWINGS - HORIZON 2020 FET OPEN PROJECT  Check the complete video collection of "Fly over BioWings" 1 | Nini Pryds of DTU (Denmark) is BioWings' project coordinator. In this video, Pryds highlights the ambitious goal of the BioWings project and the role of DTU in the technology development process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK6jfriRNoQ 2 | Andreas Lenshof, Senior Research Scientist at Lund University (Sweden), highlights the role of Lund University in the BioWings

Let's discover AcouSort ACOUSTOFLUIDICS RESEARCH: sounds good! AcouSort is a spin-off company from the acoustofluidics research at Lund University (LU), bringing the new inventions to our customers in research labs and hospitals around the world. In brief, we use ultrasound to separate, wash and enrich cells and other particles from biological samples such as blood. AcouSort's products Our first product, AcouTrap, is an acoustic trap mounted as the tip of a pipetting robot. It