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EUROPEAN RESEARCH AND INNOVATION DAYS 2020  BRUSSELS, BELGIUM   The European Commission's annual flagship event, European Research and Innovation Days aim to bring together world leaders from industry, finance, academia and business to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. It also seeks to mobilise EU citizens and increase general awareness and understanding of how important research and innovation are in addressing societal challenges Adjusted to accommodate challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak,

A focus on Europe’s innovation future   As you know, BioWings is a project funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 framework, under the Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Open programme. The mission of Future and Emerging Technologies is to turn Europe's excellent science base into a competitive advantage. FET OPEN FET Open  funds and supports early-stage, science and technology research by consortia exploring novel ideas for radically new future technologies that challenge current

The European Commission has since the outbreak tasked itself to soften the blow of the Covid-19 pandemic on public health and the economy.   The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak turned our daily life upside-down. Despite difficulties, the European Commission and all the EU Organizations (in general) set out plans for a robust and targeted EU response to support partner countries' efforts in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The EU's collective action will focus on addressing

Imagine you have a time machine that allows you a time travel, 10 years into the future. How the BioWings project and all innovations project-related have changed the world? This is the question the BioWings Consortium Partners will try to answer. A new YuoTube series for our project. Let's start with Paolo De Stefanis, CEO and Innovation Manager at Day One. Ready for a time travel into the future of biomedical smart materials? Watch all the BioWings

The first Call for Ideas in a H2020 FET-Open project is born In a knowledge-based world, innovation is king and technology transfer is king. The ability to innovate is widely recognized as a critical source of competitive advantage for economies. Generally, technology transfer is the process by which discoveries made in the laboratory are transformed into commercial products that can reach the market. Universities are the main players in the process of innovation; the