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Let's discover AcouSort ACOUSTOFLUIDICS RESEARCH: sounds good! AcouSort is a spin-off company from the acoustofluidics research at Lund University (LU), bringing the new inventions to our customers in research labs and hospitals around the world. In brief, we use ultrasound to separate, wash and enrich cells and other particles from biological samples such as blood. AcouSort's products Our first product, AcouTrap, is an acoustic trap mounted as the tip of a pipetting robot. It

Acoustophoresis: the art of combining acoustics and microfluidics The manipulation of particles is an essential feature of Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices. LOC-systems provide a platform where biochemical assays can be miniaturized, integrated and automated in a simple, portable, fast and cost-efficient way [1]. Acoustophoretic devices are a type of LOC systems in which particles can be moved and spatially localized by sound. An acoustophoretic system is typically made of a chip with embedded

BioWings partners have gathered, last 9-10 th of May, in Rome (Italy) to discuss the latest advancements of the project and to plan the M12 project review meeting in Brussels (June 2019). The BioWings project meeting in Rome has successfully been concluded. It was an opportunity to share the current state of the BioWings project, evaluate the work accomplished during the first 11 months and plan the BioWings project review meeting