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febbraio 2020

Structural optimization of CeO2 for enhanced electrostriction response Electrostriction is the electromechanical response of dielectrics upon the application of external electric field. Materials with high electrostrictive response are widely used in sensing and actuating applications. Among various materials investigated, defective ceria based materials are of particular interest due to the high electrostriction coefficient (Me~10-18 m2 V-2), facile integration on silicon and biocompatibility. Understanding the underlying mechanisms is crucial for further optimizing

The first Call for Ideas in a H2020 FET-Open project is born In a knowledge-based world, innovation is king and technology transfer is king. The ability to innovate is widely recognized as a critical source of competitive advantage for economies. Generally, technology transfer is the process by which discoveries made in the laboratory are transformed into commercial products that can reach the market. Universities are the main players in the process of innovation; the